Dunbar Avian

how               deary               tea too loud              cleary               me you sou’               feary                 see you mou’             teary                 tae you please           kittiwake          wee wee wee breeze           ticker tape       tea tea tea wheesht        trick of fate     free free free wheeze          bit o cake         caw caw canny

Finding True North – Boxing the Compass

nirvana’s neighbour, withdrawn nervous: whereupon wanderlust-navigated, wings   Westward (towards the sun, widdershins)   wayfaring stranger, wretched star-crossed, wrenched soulless, wandering   Southerly (with the wind soughing)   sibilant, soul-searching emotion seeking eden’s enigmatic, sun-rinsed equinox   East (mysterious, ancient, heathen)   ethereal, not earthly nothingness emerging nearer, nearing empyrean   Northwards … (higher as […]