the leaves crispy like bacon my yellow wellies all drooly because I once danced too close to the campfire poplar     poplar      oak pushpins holding the world poplar sweet chestnut Nick spots a creepy face in the bark broken t                                                                                                    r                                                                                                 e                                                                                         e up you […]


For ungulates’ baby martyrs/             tiny fawns’ hayfield relief/             plained world              – llaneros:       sickle bar &     baling twine     – And for me: pined      near-topple           boughed ringed ridge in a fog that never             lifts      –           For shimmying my Old conterminous ass/      tensity narrow scarlet-cockled petals’ floor-fallen             calyces            –           and […]

For a Liturgy

location.                    Not done in a flat field. Or full view                                   of roads. To be cold. The tufted frosted                                   clumps of winter grass to have been                                   less regularly topped. Where spent ragwort                                   stubbornly and bronze bracken, desiccate                                   stalks mostly, litter and untidy. Where                                   fallen skew old fences trail […]

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