Who has seen?

Who has seen the waterfall  the boy’s diary    the relationships      the shifting topography? Who has seen the devotion  the persistent concern    the sperm whales sleeping      the radical misinterpretations? Who has seen the first chapter  the historical problems    the Przewalski horse      the children holding press conferences? Who has seen the unforgiving thorns  the titles that explain    the partisan feelings      the everyday? Who has seen the working-class onion  the lax […]

A Prayer

On a warm Sunday afternoon,                           on her 45th birthday, to be exact,she kissed one of the walls                           of our family house in Quilmesand slowly walked out                           (someone was aiding her)through the entrance door                           to the car parked outside,to be taken away from us,                           to a whitewashed hospitalon the leafy Avenida Caseros,                           from which she would nevercome back and as she was […]