a python swallows my thoughts and regurgitates them in disorder

print(”’dreaming of the hill, Jillreborn, falling, nevercaught”’) while True:                                                       # it means always, though maybe                                                                        # since truth is subjective, it does not            print(”’my mindparody of asylummadness seekingtwisting”’)             import random            chance = random.randint(1,3)            if chance == 1:                        print(”’language of machines, each iteration meaningless”’)            if chance == 2:                        print(”’moonlight shining the first nightand all […]

Written Photographs of Digital Burning City

after Ocean Vuong On 19 August 2021, millions of Afghans stuck in Kabul under the Taliban documented their lives on Snapchat’s world map feature, displaying their humanness. A post: snaking waterway shallower than hasty graves greets clothed congregation                that ask a current                                            swallow them to safety.On video, pixelated men in coats that refuse to desaturate […]