Martin Reiser

Martin Rieser is both a poet and visual artist. His interactive installations based on his poetry have been shown around the world, including Understanding Echo shown in Japan 2002, Hosts Bath Abbey 2006, Secret Door Invideo Milan 2006, The Street RMIT Gallery Melbourne 2008/ISEA Belfast 2009, Secret Garden, Phoenix Square 2012/Taipei 2013 and RUR at Glyndebourne in 2014 for REFRAME at the University of Sussex. He has developed mobile artworks using interactive text and image for Leicester, London and Athens and exhibited the Third Woman Interactive film in Vienna, Xian and New York.. He has published in Poetry Review and the Write to be Counted anthology, Magma Magazine 74, was shortlisted for the Frosted Fire pamphlet competition for the Cheltenham Festival in 2019, shortlisted for Charles Causeley Poetry Prize 2020 and Art- lyst Art to Poetry Anthology 2020 and runs the Stanza poetry group in Bristol.