David Olsen

David Olsen’s first full collection, Unfolding Origami (2015), won the Cinnamon Press Poetry Collection Award. Past Imperfect (2019), his second collection, is also from Cinnamon Press. His third collection, After Hopper & Lange, is forthcoming from Oversteps Books in 2021. Chapbooks published in the US include Exit Wounds (2017), Sailing to Atlantis (2013), New World Elegies (2011), and Greatest Hits (2001). His work appears in leading journals and anthologies from as many as seven countries. Among 30 UK magazine titles where his work appears are Poetry NewsAcumenEnvoi, Dream Catcher, Frogmore Papers, SouthThe Interpreter’s House, The Journal, Northampton Poetry ReviewWriting Magazine, ProleAssent, and Oxford Magazine. David has lived in Oxford since 2002. www.davidolsenpoetry.net