you/me, an intellectual

by Lydia Wei

you: daaaamn gorgeous / thicc baby / yummmayyyy
me, an intellectual: daaaamn / & she eats kleenex tissues & protein bars / & she worships the bronzed billboard goddesses of ventura freeway / & she cuts her nails / inserts two fingers in her mouth / confesses to the toilet bowl & prays for absolution / & she recreates her face on a saturday night / the moon aglow in a sky smeared with mascara / & she is only beautiful / when a man tells her so 

you: you already know what it is / ballin / out here flexin on y’all haters 
me, an intellectual: you already know what it is / nine-year-old flexers / the jaws of hollywood hills / xans in the go-go squeez / crayola-colored fever dreams / backroom deals & management dinners / hookah smoke curling from licorice lips / stars that fracture in an internet kaleidoscope / & chew them up / spit them out 

you: *eggplant emoji*
me, an intellectual: aubergines / & figs & dates & pomegranates & apples / crushed perennials under eve’s soft feet / her body heavy with purity / i want the violence of animals / to put teeth to skin / & bite / to suck sweet juice / & kiss / garden lost to loss / & thus earth is peopled and / boys take off girls’ shirts / blush at the pale skin / breasts white and wobbly as / yogurt parfait 

me, an intellectual: gymnophyton isatidicarpum / norteño corridos & sunflower seeds / maraschino phosphorous / austro-hungarian annexation of bosnia / zeolite crystals & achilles’ wrath / let x be a finite borel-measure on the plane with compact support consisting of infinitely many points / and there was light

you: hurricane katrina / more like hurricane / tortilla
me, an intellectual: hurricane katrina / more like hurricane / harvey & maria & michael & florence / whipped trees & ripped roofs / streets submerged in a scheherazade suite of rain / survivors baptised in the silted waters / electrical wires gutted and strangled / sucking on a splinter of light as saintly and thin / as the blade of a knife 

you: thumbs up if you’re still listening in / 2019 / 😛
me, an intellectual: thumbs up if you’re still listening / now / in this 3am romance / while the moon hangs like an unopened locket / & the streetlights in the iridescent darkness twinkle / their secret intimacies / & the weight of this night presses against the ribs / all our lost loves pigeoned away / in the attics of our hearts / thumbs up i / want to know we were real / if only for a moment / 😛