You Bring Out the Bourgeois in Me

by Lesley Saunders

after Louise Bourgeois’s ‘Arched Figure’

Please don’t wake me. Walking on my hands
through dream-suburbs of green belt, the gabled

house-fronts of Ickenham, I must slumber on
through volumes of obsession-diaries, feeding

myself with my clever girl’s fingers, tongue grown
too big for my mouth. Lying in my stockinette

of lard, stitched pig, I feel for dints or lumps
in this pillow of body; with my glass look like a doll’s

I monitor the leak of puberty, the filthy pink
of fat and brassière. I am your beloved daughter,

bandaged and snoring, sewn up in my name-tapes.
Bleed. Eat. Sleep. Cry. Cogitate. Chew my food

into mothers-and-fathers as the quarrelling starts.
What I want is a wand of light, my thoughts rising

like dew-smoke off the roof-felt, the brakes and creeks
of all the Americas to come swimming in my eyes.