by Jhermayne Ubalde

by Suhrab Sirat, translated by Jhermayne Ubalde

My soul, my hopes, my dreams – they bleed
My reflection, stained red with the taste of
an estranged lover’s kiss

Autumn bleeds into centuries
Scorpio: dancing with death
Libra: pulling back the drawstring
Sagittarius: embracing its result

The world sways on a bovine axis
of fury painted in blood
from the heart – this heart – my heart
bloating, sagging, bleeding

Starlight bleeds in a stolen sky
where dying limbs tremble with
the memory of a home

Bleeding pages
fade to dust,
their words forgotten

Silence devours the man;
A spark struck blind in the face of
a meek smile, a bowed head
glazed over

An eternity, bleeding
My name, my language, my past – my god, they bleed