Windswept, flecked with sparks

by Angus McCormick

Sliding slow-burn forethoughts filter-feed phrases,
Rough-running anthem-echoes, pleasantly slick humdrum
Sound chasing trails, leading itself on and sweet-talking back:
Dispersions of sequences either ploughing into or unravelling or
Spindling into climactic gestures, all with a lucid grain and sway.

Brooding gales are hit by a warm tendency
Reverberations arising, meeting to tussle lightly, and then dead-heating –
Coextending pairings bustle into unfettered streams of resolutions and rushes.
The bouts of seasonal turf-war melodrama circulate In fragmented anecdotes
Resonating throughout low-ceilinged locals and illicit house parties.

We are winged away, dislocated.
Presentations of the back-foot, offbeat flittings of hazy concentration:
Secreted [secret-ed] inside our skulls, computations abound in a wildfire –
An ocean buzzing with microtones where the flickering incidents
Transpire into humour, vigour, and vitality’s tantalising impurities.

Short dark flights through unfurling spaces, air pockets
Which slip and fold out of reach to the summit – a wide-eyed bohemia
Where plateaus, at once elegiac and energetic, glide with a terse consistency
Anchored with the groundless nervous thrill which tugs at the lower abdomen.
Inexhaustively circulating, hugging sections tight, watching them cluster.

With each surge we are pushed, taut in engagement –
Help me to groove the constrained release
Of the fast-breathing animal made undefinable
By rapid becoming, as everything is uprooted – supplanted melodies
From other lives join us in the harkening throes, the juddering, the dusting down.