Wildfires burn across Australia as Edward Cullen takes his top off for the twentieth time

by Elspeth Wilson

A thousand miles
away a country burns
as we decide it is time
for a Twilight
silvery moon
cold skin
in my heart
as Bella moves from Phoenix,
making me see climate refugees
even in my YA
we cannot see the flames
like bees we are
smoked out
to our home
Jacob says
to Edward
“I’m hotter than you”
which is true
but not all things that are true
are heard
new moon
breaking dawn
light still crawling
but as the sun cracks its yolk on
our popcorn husks
the dead
in my stomach
is undying
I am cored
an apple
its pips will still be
find ground in which
to live
that the venomous bite
of rubbish
of sewage
of the crushed snail
of the dead wasp on the pavement
is not eternal
that the sharp pains in my chest will be
by action
(my own included)
and that it was okay
– forgive me –
to watch Bella and Edward
get their happy ending
whilst a country burned.