Wild Theories About Starlight

by Zohar Mendzelevski-Steinberg

Shards of light stuck into our pin-cushion globe
Left there by some forgetful god
still sewing the glowing threads through the black velvet.

Elongated intergalactic trains rushing in to Earth,
The first and final station: all photons out!

Lofty towers of energy collapsing at the speed of light,
Their decay spanning a billion years of the upright
Strung-out senescence of elderly rays.

Darts thrown out in all directions by the angry, burning stars
To land blazing at the frozen station-planets
Along the solar routes.

The light sends us messages, streaming forth
The life of another world, encoded in electromagnetic waves.

Beams propping up the stars against each other:
Drunken fools in their centrifugal isolation.
Living in flimsy light-cages,
Afraid of dropping through a rent in gravity.

Unilluminated by their bright lights:
Nobody home.