Wild Bouquet

by Sylvia Villa

for Conrad and Medora

It bound them, wound about them,
In and out all chains and cage,
Slipper ribbons tied around them,
Hold them in a wild bouquet,
So she doesn’t slip away.

Hidden in the heads of flowers,
Petal letters; silent, spelt,
Scented selam, soft empowerment,
Speak a language, giant and gentle,
Fragrant words the couple felt.

Promise made and promise broken,
Posey blossoms, deeply sleep,
Arms outstretched, the captor beckons,
Aromatic trickery!
Taken, sold, abducted, stolen,
In the uproar; shaken, woken!
He pursued; unleashed and freed.

Snatch her, catch her then entrap her
Captivating rivalry,
Holding her above all others,
Captured, pardoned and released.
Better then to die together,
than to live apart forever?

That which wraps the wrists like hand cuffs,
End the tears, begin the tryst,
steps that beat like blasting cannons,
Run for love and take the risk.
Bind the handkerchief of bliss.

Through a squally wind whipped lashing,
Clung together, holding fast,
All around their world was crashing,
dancing while the waves were dashing,
‘til the roaring howl had passed.

Breathless, moonlit love’s survival,
Liberation; calm at last.