When the World Ends This is How It Will Be

by H.H.

When the aliens came
they watched us prepare our offerings of scientists
for our final introduction.
The sinking of this ship, first class to the end
no chance of life pod or rescue
none whatsoever
Our final waltz.
Time to finger photographs in silver frames
the end of history.
No one speaks during our final waltz.
The music is everywhere on Earth, out in the void
loud and defiant
It played across the volume of space to heard in their tin
Our final waltz
the rest of our lives condenses
compressed into a few last minutes
life ripping out of our shirts
women in gowns sparkled, diamonds
life ripping bursting pushing forcing
Out Out
the end of monkeys.
Radios in the kitchen play
dinner jackets in ballrooms.
We grew thorny weeds to the light
and they came metal to harvest our rose