What is Happening to Jesus of Nazareth and What You Can Do to Help: a Thread

by Nadia Lines

You may know Jesus. That preacher/teacher/healer/magic man
with the clear silt skin. You may have seen him around town,
raising the dead and making friends. Maybe he cleaned up
your acne, maybe he showed you the gold humming of
God. Take a look at his Tumblr: @carpentryqween. 1/?

Jesus is a rebel leader/activist/socialist/pacifist and last night
he was arrested by the Roman authorities, dragged away while
praying without resisting- they have beaten him. Unless we
do something they will crucify him. I am practically
begging you to bring him 2/?

bandages, clean cloth, even bear the Cross, if you can.
Email Pontius Pilate. Weep at Jesus’ feet. Donate
to Mary’s GoFundMe. Sign this petition to have
him released: change.org/save-jesus-of-nazareth. We only
need 100000 signatures. 3/?

Like. Share. Retweet. Pressure your local legionary.
Call out Judas. Rescue a sweet man whose only crime
was gentleness. Do not let Jesus out of your mind,
your timeline, your thoughts, your prayers, your
Instagram stories. Together, we demand mercy. 4/?

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