by Ruby Robinson

i am     dreaming of Narcissus
my mind bends      mind of flat water
various directions of light
i cannot stand up      cannot say what i feel
nor look     and the film rolls on

i call London like a wounded hound
give my brother back   but i don’t mean it
overburdened and brave      he enjoys his identity
we both know the weight
of all this paper

and the many storms
storms of absolute certainty         like broken bone
before storms were named

we were at sea for thousands of days
the sea was a woman
pulling a cover down tightly
while all the birds sang in the daylight

when i surfaced
all the salt had been drawn from me
i cut out a miniscule heart         stuck it to my palm
seed of heart

                        where is the large sea?
only waves               again waves
against my breast     again waves

and on separate shores     two men
identical jaw lines and calves
my own shoulders     my cheekbones

nearly out of view      just catching the light
and a cloud of damselflies
like a curse       like a beautiful prize
simply for living     simply for being alive