watching the match at the field on berkeley road

by Natalie Perman

Contains strong language

next to the vineyard tree pub extra
ordinaire free gravy on the side
with all chips and running down
the carvery yellow walls as brown
shadow coats rusted telephone poles
in something pretty home of the famous
hooke team their sweaty shins and boys
crying after hours behind the mccoll’s
dogs pissing up the side like a height chart
mark their land on the Leading Neighbour
hood Retailer of fizzedup stella-
green glass and exploding instant
barbecue sets

the boys chug lucozade spiked
with their fathers’ eyes wide whites
screaming go on, son! from the side
lines as a boy with flush fresh head
ing cheeks thrusts a knee into son’s
groin twisting to the others’ cheers
he holds victory arms straight
out like the parked audi’s dang
ling crucifix wooden jesus grinning
after the game of his life.