by Aoife O’Connor

Try to.

Trust me;
Look past the stereotypical teenager on TV.
Don’t look at me the way the police would, Another teen; so you’re a hood.
Smile at me like you trust me.
No fake smile, you can’t hide with your eyes.
No lies. Trust me.

Trust me;
Would you look at me like the system?
A teen; under 16; under 18.
So I don’t know about the trust,
Well trust me.
Look at our role models,
News Of The World
Wait, yeah, even I wouldn’t trust me.
Yet my friends do
So I agree to disagree.
I can be more than the Media and TV.
I know how to read a book,
And express my opinions, freely.
Why not try and Trust me.

Trust me;
Like you I want some T,L,C.
Trust, Love and a little Clarity,
About where the trust’s gone.
Where it went wrong.
Why there are police roaming the streets.
Why riots are bad,
Yet advertised and broadcast on TV.
Why the riots are there in the first place.
How come there is lack of trust between different ages.
Why at this age we’re hated,
And everything we do’s wrong.
Yet why I’m the only one who realises, trust can’t be bought, So buying it’s wrong.
So trust me.

Trust me;
There is a lack of trust,
But that we can all see.
A lack doesn’t mean it’s all gone.
No trying to trust isn’t wrong.
So reach out and Trust me.

Trust Me;
Yes me, the teen.
Under 16; Under 18.
The one that says trust’s gone.
So prove me wrong.
Trust me.