United Unit

by Emily Raisin

Our world is a unit, a spherical whole.
An entity. An entirety. A wonder to uphold.
In defining a ‘unit’, we understand one.
This is the problem. It’s where we’ve gone wrong.
Our world is not a lone, singular thing,
As its heart is laced with infinite strings,
Like a robust rope, a weaved tether,
When one strand falls loose, it unravels, however
Its fibres when fused can brave all weathers.
A united unit will last forever.
But for our world to stay strong, we need equity
Between each strand – so frail separately,
Between each hand that grips tight to another,
Between each man, each woman, each other.
So our world is a unit, a spherical whole
But its heartstrings are numerous. It has infinite souls
Whose breaths create the wind and tears fill the skies,
Whose laughter creates the rays that smile at sunrise.
Our world is a unit, a spherical whole
And when equal and united, we infinite souls
Can ensure that the heartstrings at the centre of our Earth,
Do not fray, but stay strong in their equal worth.