Tuesday, April, 1800

by Marianne Burton

Missing C. Poor C.
How I worry about his bowels.
I sobbed when he left.
‘Nervous blubbing’ W. called it.

Baked small loaves, giblet pie,
sat on wall and sewed shifts.
W. up by sheepfold, then wasted
his mind on the magazines.
Mary H. rode over. She looked
very fat and well. Fed her parkin.
W.’s head bad when she left
so I petted him on the carpet.

After dinner W. and I walked,
to Rydale, Butterlip How,
Rothay Bridge. Moonlight silver
as mackerel shoal on hill.

All in all, a sweet day. Wild flowers 4,
LBs copied 5, pretty prospects 3,
beggars 3, fits of tears 1 (good),
letters from C. 0 (bad).