to the boy next door

by Grace Liu

remember that one time we let
snowflakes tickle our tongues like
          tchaikovsky’s dancers and the sky
          was  gray  delete  blue  delete  do
                   u  remember actually, i  lied; i
                   know exactly what color the sky
                            was pretty pink sorta euphoric
                            don’t  u  think  and  ur  hair  was
                                     brushed back in neat little curls
                                     like the  mother  wanted hastily
                                              tucked underneath a brown paper
                                              bag  hat  like  a  sparrow  lost  in
                                     winter’s  woods  bandage  on  ur
                                     cheek brushed off as a paper cut
                            the snow  stopped  so  we caught
                            laughter on our tongues instead
                   dripping off our chatter we were kids
                   we  were  abraham  &  a scapegoat
          i remember seeing the black & blue
          peeking out of white gauze secretly
wondering why anyone would ever want
to  paint  ur  face  a  different  color