tipping point

by Kristine Ma

today, my lungs feel like the sky,
ballooned and loose and free, legs
billowing like a sailboat on the far east, the horizon
just before the drop, tangled limbs and summer and laughing.
today, i go miles without stopping, and miles more. it’s been a while since i felt alive.
it’s because i ran every day with my dad.
because my knees didn’t collapse today.
because the rabbits stayed as i ran past.
there was a trail of nosebleed crimson against the white sidewalk.
because i clipped my hair back and wore a sky blue tank top,
cloudless. white running shoes like nimbus wrapped around my feet.
because the sky is clear, the breeze like water against skin.
i don’t know, but today i touched it, became it,
and it was warm and cool against my finger,
a smile,
expanding like hot air balloons even in the dirt.