The Waiting Room

by Serena Cooke

Just give it time
A cyan sky will merge with the purple ocean
The horizon will turn orange at dusk
Just wait for a bit
The evergreen hills rolling on and on
(they roll like dice on a thunderclap)
will bloom, revive beech trees from dust
Give it time
The brown clouds above you
Borrowed from fossils, fuelling the tides
will rain and purge and purify like morning dew
what are you going to do
when drums crackle beneath you
when you’re on your own
when eagles and falcons fly on through
when the sun cries
the moon says goodbye
when light and nothing collapse into each other
leaving you behind
what will you do
when the wide bright dark swallows you whole
when the drums beat into chasms
when the earth turns itself inside out
erupting from the magma seams
will you cross that bridge?
Will you jump with us? With me?
cry to your shadows? to the supernovas?
to the black holes? to the trees you ashed?
To the sea you blackened like sticky maple?
will you stay? repent? reminisce?
jump and leave with us?
Or pretend to wake up dazed with the breakfast honey sky
just give it time
there is no time