The Splendid Longbow

by Monica Selzer

You should have seen us at Agincourt
Outnumbered but not defeated
We dealt a deadly deluge
Before our mission was completed.

Time and time again my strong archer
Drew my smooth string back
Endless flurry of arrows cavorted through the air
I am proud, I am strong in attack.

Strong and sleek, I can fire in a minute
Arrows, up to a dozen!
Clumsy and slow, an ugly crossbow
I am ashamed to call him my cousin.

We helped shed French blood for England
As red as a rambling rose
Squelching, slogging in the mud
The French were bound to lose.

The battle was rightfully won by us
I was pleased to help King Henry
And of that day so glorious, may I say?
I have such grand and splendid memories.