The Sorrowful Man

by Max Dixon

The man’s crippled dog sat silently,
it was white.
The man was writing,
the paper was white.
The man’s face was sorrowful,
his face was white.
The ink spilled,
the paper was still white.
The clouds overhead floated,
they were white.
A plane soared over,
its belly was white.
The ink is soaking in the paper
but the envelope was white.
The page ripped and dripped onto the grass.
The trees were white.
The man threw the letter which fell into a puddle.
The paper turned white and the puddle turned black.
The dog ran.
Its coat was white.
The dog never came back.
The man threw the envelope.
The man walked away as the envelope
flew to the heavens where his mother
rested in peace forever. The sun rays
shined and it started to rain and a rainbow came out.