The Red Girl

by Jessica Matthews

Teeth like ancient tombstones; her grin was wide and quant

Her eyes were not remarkable but light and green and faint


Her skin was freckled, her cheeks pockmarked

Her words could sparkle, shone in the dark

Well I met her at a party, a story quite cliché

Slurped my drink and told me how she hated the day


And her eyes were fearful, and innocent

She was for trial, but not for rent


Her voice was slurred and drawling, her lips were freely lent

To rouge red cheeks and scarlet mouths, every second spent


But her face was lying, her mind was cold

She was scared by the soul she had sold


I clutched her in my arms to stop her descent to the ground

Her sense began to focus; as I spoke she heard the sound


She saw salvation, in another’s face

Her kiss marked me, a blazing trace