the Race Card

by Lauren Lisk

People always excuse racism with the phrase
“Stop using the race card” as if
The exploitation of blacks
The use of an infamous six letter word
Is all
A game
Like I could use my race card to
Make happy families of
All those who have lost
A brother
A sister
A parent
A child
Like I could use my race card to
Win this game of top trumps
And defeat what some may call kakistocracy
In one of the largest
Yet most broken countries in the world
Like I could use my race card
To stop this game of life where
People are seen as pawns
Through a lens of black and white
And protesting seems like a trivial pursuit
So how can I articulate to you
The fact that this is true?
If I did have a race card
I wouldn’t roll the dice
Of wasting it on you.