The Quilting Bee

by Robert Saxton

WELL DRESSERS can be surprisingly cynical,

jeering at any elations that make the gloom rise.

Look for:

pickpocketing, glove snipping, button theft,

hat spoiling, fragrant evasion of bosom tax.


WILL WITNESSES will occasionally bring back

a few viviparous jokes from the intestate beyond.

Look for:

rare mischief lights in the eyes,

quadruple handshakes, crypto-Calvinist soliloquies.


JOY RIDERS peddle a popular Algerian adrenaline therapy

based on asymmetric speed breathing.

Look for.

second-hand airbags, unidentifiable rattles,

foxing in the margins of service records.


JAY WALKERS are seldom insouciant, many having actuarial degrees

and student endowment loans with mutual widows.

Look for:

whistling of yesterday’s jingles, titanium jaw work,

peripheral fringing of self-awareness.


CHUTE PACKERS are unregulated but conscientious,

mindful of hogging searchlights by proxy.

Look for:

unassertive handkerchief origami,

scorch offences, piracy over the high seas.


SHEET METALWORKERS enjoy wish-fulfilment,

the wrap-around merchandising of cartoon characters.

Look for:

lightning, time warps, contraband biscuits,

outbreaks of Malaysian shadow puppetry.