The Man in the Red Pullover

by Patric Cunnane

Spot him if you can
The man in the red pullover
Strolling along the sand
He’s the universal walker
At home in every land
So cool he walks alone
With no one by his hand
Maybe he has a dog
But he doesn’t let that show
He’s not in any hurry
Got no particular place to go
He lives for the summer
And enjoys it all alone
You’ll find him on the promenade
That’s his special home –
The man in the red pullover
Cries to his secret heart
Why is it so cold inside
When I’m so important to postcard art
I’m a lonely man in a red pullover
I stroll down to the sea
Those waves need never roll
For all they mean to me
Constable used a figure in red as a focal point in his landscapes. Postcard photographers have borrowed this trick and a postcard exhibition in Newcastle included a section devoted to the person in the red pullover.