The Greater Good

by Nat Norland

There is a man
Who lives atop a tower.
He draws on his expressions
With a pencil.
He’s always on our side.
Don’t try to shout him down;
However loud you are
He just pencils on a smile
And we all smile too.

The world is very small
And full of people.
The world is very, very small
He says we shouldn’t think of them as people.
He says we shouldn’t think of it at all.
There is a man who lives atop a tower
And when he raises his arms, we raise ours.

But if your face should fall
Lying amidst piles
Of Babel bricks and mortar
Small and low,
Let your thoughts rise up above you
Every one a different tower.
Let us make your face anew.
With a pencil and a rubber
We could make a man of you.