The Desktop Metaphor

by Caleb Parkin

The Desktop Metaphor from Helmie Stil on Vimeo.

there are holes in the sky                                      and we name them
we name them                                               after things that matter
after things that matter                              and the Gods of our Days
and the Gods of our Days                                like The Great Stapler
like The Great Stapler                          which attaches the night to us
which attaches the night to us                         and the words to ideas
and the ideas to words                                             that are just light
that are just light                                           packaged in dark matter

dark matter                                                  sent first class to our eyes
first class to our eyes                            so we might know their names
know their names                                          these things that matter
things that matter                                             like the Photo Copier
the Photo Copier                                 scanning and remembering us
scanning and remembering us              as though we were exoplanets
we were exoplanets                                        with atmospheres of ink

ink                                                              full of bright mating cries
mating cries                               from Gods of our Days like the Gull
the Gull                                                   whose beak marks the poles
the poles                                                    whose screams are tectonic
tectonic                                               in the bin-man’s crackling eyes
eyes                                                           where names do not matter
not matter                                                                so we name them
name them                                                                  holes in the sky