The Day Patterns Whilst My Lover Cooks

by Victoria Grigg

Today light flew in diagonals
through Hungerford Bridge.

Now ingredients are found,

Today was about tension, and relief.
The relaxed logic of a day off.

Now he sighs, dries
his hands.

Today I walked away
from that hospital. Brights, metals.

Now a tick tick tick
to the crown of flame.

Today the river was a harlequin
flinger of rays and steel.

Now the onions hiss, kiss.
And I’m here, at the table.

Today things were rearranged
by light, free as dance.

Now spaghetti curls
in the currents.

And today the Thames sorted its diamonds.
And the light spun its bones.

Now it’s clean hair and talk. Between us
the taste of food.