The Crime of the Prison Door

by Eric Aupperle

(A royal witness hymn and monumental inscription)
For Nanna, whose magnificent head is supported by the Pantheon (Sky-God and the Princes in his temple), his great man—
The One of the One Man, a mighty man, the great man of Ur city—
when Nanna from Anshan city to Ur city brought him,
a magnificent tower, his place of judgment, he built.
A wooden door, lyres inlaid in decoration there upon, he made stand for him.
Column 2:
For the sake of his life, he dedicated this.
A man in possession of destructive intentions has commanded:
for a storehouse to have it brought therein.
They entered into a curse through this.
Another man has raised many a hand against it
That man—
Nanna, my great man, and Great Lady, my lady—
they shall lay a curse upon him.