The Colors of Smile

by Paluk Gupta

Blue + Tangerine = The Sun admiring its replica floating on the smooth sea.
Black X Orange = The dark illuminated by the Jack o-lanterns on Halloween.
Brown + White + light blue = The mounts wearing a cap of snow and mufflers of streams around their neck.
Pink + orange = The Sun making its way through the clouds resembling candy floss scattered in the sky in early morning.
White X Blue = A bucket of water spilled over white paint on the vast blue canvas soaring above our head.
White + Light pink = The tempting and most welcoming site of marshmallows waiting for me to devour them.
Crimson + silver = The glittering dew drops dancing over the floors of rose petals.
Black + white = Black ink splattered over the Dalmatian’s tidy, white, well kept fur.
Green + Blue = Mere land and water as God made it without any territorial boundaries.
White + Green = The green stem of Lily wrapped around its tender petal which makes your mouth curve into smile.
Gratified life+ Happy mind= You enjoying nature’s colors of smile…