The Church of Self Destruction, Worship of the Evergreen Release

by Jason Khan

I stumble through Tokyo alleys,
With the sound of mid-life karaoke humming
in the narcotic night nitrogen,
Sinking into effervescent coma
Induced by Japanese Geishas in neon bliss,
Prosecco pouring from my earholes,
As ascension elixirs enters my saturine veins,
And emerald halos cycle the crows
While they pick on tie-wearing carrion;
I shake with premeditated self-grief,
Glass teardrops pirouetting at my transport sides,
The Dawn shattering through my Bakelite eyelids;
Falling to my knees, I, unravelled and extinguished,
Drift off to inner space writing
And whispering. ‘Mother, I’m sorry.’