The Cheshire Cat

by Emma Summerfield

One day he showed up, out of the blue
With a smile as wide as his eyes
A Cheshire cat that tells naught but lies
As he spies
From afar, the front seat of his car,
Drumming the wheel he steals a glance.
He longs to advance-
As he sees Alice emerge he resists the urge to reveal himself
He hides away, watches her play, and waits…

In a week he’ll speak
Catch her eye, smile, what a- lovely guy
He’ll say words that amaze, turn a witty phrase, and in a few days
She’ll be his.
His special friend, his only darling, his charming Alice,
Queen of his heart, a work of art.
Beautiful as he shapes her to fit his design.
And when they part anxious hands circle her shrinking waistline
As she stares into the looking glass, waiting for the time to pass.

Until he’s back in her arms, his wit and his charms,
Soaking up tears she threatens to choke on,
Offering her various things to smoke from,
Confusing her brain with theories beyond her,
Buying her gifts to make her feel fonder,
Waiting at the school gates when she least expects him,
While she lies to her parents and tries to protect him,
Knowing they’d disapprove and hating them for it,
She’s sure that it’s love and there’s no way she’ll forfeit.

The game is at its best.

A month later and he’s careless.
He’ll linger closer to her front door
And take her out to events to meet other gents
Until, one day, the curtains will twitch, making him flinch,
Feeling another’s eyes on his face, her mother’s eyes chase
Him down the path and out of their lives
Then he’ll be gone.
Another life ruined and his job is done
But he’s had his fun, she’s lost and he’s won.

Soon after, Alice will lie on her bed and she’ll cry
And she’ll think it’s her fault because she didn’t listen
To the warnings and the rants, she walks around in a trance,
Feeling guilty because given the chance
She’d go back to him. Because no one else knows quite how it feels
To fall head over heels like Alice.
So she’ll cling to him for as long as it takes
Her aching heart to cease to break.
And her means of escape is the pill in her hand,
Her very own passport to Wonderland.