The Beast in Cyberspace

by Sarah Reeson

Log off. Delete. There’s no worth here.
To search for reason within the Cloud
through high-speed Fibre, honestly don’t
waste your time. That wail announcing
entitled arrogant self-destructing
fanboys’ latest hill to die on.
If you crave freedom of speech
I’d mute the beast then block his mates
through curation, less grief associates.

The beast that lives in Cyberspace
does not care whose life’s consumed.
It scares and lies, dividing us. Now
it laughs then retweets hate as bait.
Screenshot it. Instagram this moment.
You pointless, over-vain human race
get a life, outside phones and screen,
make noise. Find truth. Emerge
from cocooned ignorance, quick change.

Facts gone, and if he’s deceived you
it’s all your fault. Four different apps
won’t make lame words look great.
Weight of responsibility breaks
fresh internet lament, refrain, all
minds sleeping, will soon forget
they ever really lived at all.
Learn. It lies. Fact check and think
to break dark grasp of siren’s song.
Feed only truths, combined with soul
so finally, perception’s whole.
Fall, then rise. Follow true allies.