The Adolescent Adventures of the Bold Brunettes

by Katie Kirkpatrick

  1. Start at Dover Cliff house. White and crumbling, it’ll be there for a while.
  2. Turn off down Stephen King Lane. The wide tarmac road will smile at you until it’s dark. That’s when people disappear, you know.
  3. Cross Great Dane Field. The more dogs you see, the more likely it is you’ve found the way.
  4. Find Compact Mirror River. It may not reflect the sky, but if you look hard enough you’ll probably find something you dropped last year on the bottom.
  5. Follow Tightrope Path. Be careful not to fall in the river, girls.
  6. Walk through the Feather Boa Reeds. Bonus points if you take a couple of blurry photos.
  7. The Bit by the River. You’re there. Sit on the ledge of the oak tree that never grows. Leave some leaves out for the fairies’ supper, or rip and toss them (the leaves, not the fairies) into the river and watch them drift. Watch her battle the overgrown path, but don’t go yourself –  don’t rip your tights again. Paddle in the shallow end, look over the fence at the green and the sheep.