The 99%

by Dhruti Halambi

In a world with 8 billion human beings, some
May say that only the elite 1% matter, 
All the rest, they say, are just crumbs
That make up society.
Those people are out of season… 
Everyone has a reason. 
Really minute or significantly colossal, it can
Be just making someone smile, or
Enhancing someone’s attitude, allowing them to take the extra mile, to being the 
Cause for change, for rearrange.
At the end, it’s the 99% that 
Umpire, that save, that pave, that nominate, that
Shape the way for everything that comes. The
Elite 1% may live in the supreme situation, but
It’s the 99% that really 
Appreciate life the way it is, with all the walls, it’s the 99% that
Make all the small alterations, that in the  
Prolonged run
Add up to an unbiased, unprejudiced, fun
Robust world, that we live in now. 
The 99%, no matter how ordinary their life may seem, are the
Only reason a play can be performed, the only reason the 1% can be
Famous, the only reason a day goes on.
The 99% percent
Honestly matter more than the 1%: they are the people that undertake the liability of getting
Earth to work, they are the people that make living even possible. 
99% is a praise, an accolade, it’s not to be blamed,
99% is not something to be ashamed of, if you are part of the 99%, know that the world depends on you, you matter.