sunny side up

by Roberta Sher

it was a yellow hairclip; josie knew
it was childish but equally she hated the wisps
of baby hair that ventured out of her temples
like cow ears.
it flew straight through the crack in the floorboards.
calmly she lay on her stomach with a torch and
her eye between the planks and that was when
she saw all the eggs; wasp eggs, bird eggs,
sandgrouse and nightjars hiding inside green shells
speckled like chocolate pebbles.
all so perfect; some chalky, some oily
as the tinamou egg; there were spider eggs and mollusc eggs
crustacean eggs on a carpet of watery frogspawn and
salmon eggs so close to hatching that she could see
their little glassy eyes wobbling behind films of yolk.
they stared up at her, confused as to why
she would disrupt their peaceful wait. josie considered
the eggs briefly, then stood up and brushed the dust
off her jeans; looked in the mirror and decided
the wisps weren’t so bad.