speak out

by Amelia Dubin

i am going to speak out.
i am going to fight.
i will not stay silent.
you think that just because i am frightened 
i will shut my mouth?
my fear makes me burn brighter
my entire being has been doused
in the very gasoline that you sell my future out for
you think that this anger
that is fuelling my screams
could be quietened by you?
i  am one of millions 
who will confront you, the authority
that is taking our beautiful earth away
it took so long but now
we will make sure we are what haunt your dreams.
the destruction of the amazon
and the precious grass and flowers i want to see flourish
animals having no home and starving
so thin you can see their spines
sea turtles with straws so far up their noses that they bleed
koala bears alone in forests that have been burnt to the ground. 
i am using very simple words
to explain that the things that haunt me,
the nightmares when i shut my eyes,
are still there when i open them
and they are as real as you or i.
and you think that because i am young
i have no voice
we will outlive you. 
you think that the words i emit are not powerful,
that they cannot move people.
my words come from me
bright and new to the world
and i am one of millions
all of us running headlong into your nightmares
do you know why what i have to say trumps you any day?
my words come from 
a pounding heart
and a burning soul.
i have passion.
what do you have?