so you want to talk about the ap*calypse

by April Egan

the end times in numbers:

  • 4 horsemen 
  • 1 cancelled judgement day 
  • 1 giant rip through the sky 
  • 1 ocean brimming with plastic 
  • 1 people at risk

remember self-care!
                               pumice from the endless eruptions is
                               effective on dry arms. steaming pyres
                               also have a cleansing effect on skin,
                               if you have any left. have a blackout 
                               bath and hear the voice of the dark 
                               as if you were again an unborn thing.
                               you did not fear before your beginning
                               so why do you fear the end? 

check in with your friends!
                               stay within your personal exclusion 
                               zone – obviously, texting is not possible 
                               since it fell into the hands of the lord 
                               bezos, praise and fear his name. say 
                               their glowing hue is lovely, it so 
                               matches the new gucci révélation.

say the new fully devil-free charts
have some real bangers.

                               make a tiktok to the geiger remix 
                               tangle into each other as the ash wind
                               makes you a ribbon of love once more.

accept the new normal!

                               obviously, this is a transient thing. 
                               you will remember what it was like 
                               to be a sitcom character. walk in 
                               to applause, gesticulate and never
                               wear that skin and event again. you 
                               will once more have your eyes kissed
                               and everything will stay. you will not
                               again think I didn’t want to die so ugly. 
                               you will think what am I having for dinner?
                               you will wake up and it will be over.

choose to unlearn!

                               stand outside and let the earth happen 
                               do not think so far away you might be 
                               walking home. do not think of the 
                               obnoxious summer sky. unlearn how to 
                               be loved. unlearn your mother, unlearn 
                               how to speak. unlearn sleeping in your 
                               childhood. unlearn your own body. you
                               are holding onto a thread the teeth
                               of big government are desperate to snag.
                               unlearn the sound of moving. unlearn 
                               that the sky was once blue. it will only 
                               hurt more to know things were once definite.

hold yourself accountable!

                              don’t slip. it’s your choice to wake up and 
                              dm @famine838 to hold you. ask what he 
                              could ever do to fill you. do not say his 
                              horse, by the red light of pre-curfew, 
                              looks just like an angel. you can’t help 
                              the zuckerberg-kardashian war, but 
                              you voted in the instagram poll. hold 
                              yourself accountable because it is the 
                              only way to be held. you are responsible 
                              for the wanting to be loved. if you are 
                              still pining after the ban on unauthorised 
                              longing for something unexplainable –
                              it’s on you sis. 

stay safe!