Snow White: The anti-fairytale

by Emily Reid

The Queen was very beautiful,
Yet self-absorbed and vain,
She saw nothing of her step daughter,
To her Snow White was just a pain.

The Queen had a magic mirror,
To which she would ask,
“Magic mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?”

The Queen would then get a reply,
That was no surprise to her at all,
“You, my Queen,
Are the fairest of all”

Little did the Queen know,
That this was about to change,
when Snow White became,
Seven years of age.

She had become a beautiful girl,
So attractive was she,
That the mirror’s reply,
Was about to change dramatically.

The Queen asked her question,
“Queen, you are full fair, it is true…”
The mirror replied with a pause,
“But Snow White is fairer than you”

The Queen became so jealous,
She asked a Huntsman as soon as he could,
To take Snow White away,
And have her killed in the woods.

The Queen also asked him that after,
Snow White took her last breath,
he would return with her heart,
for certain proof of her death.

The Huntsman took Snow White away,
But after raising his knife,
he realised he could not do it,
he could not possibly take her life.

So instead he let her go,
And told her to flee,
returning with the heart of a boar,
which was cooked for the Queen’s tea.

Snow White found the home of seven dwarves,
While she was on her way,
Who said if she looked after them,
Then she was welcome to stay.

When the Queen asked her mirror once again,
She found that Snow White was alive and well,
And to the Queen’s horror,
she was still the fairest of them all.

Disguising herself as an old woman,
The Queen decided to visit Snow White,
She offered the young lady a poisoned apple,
But she was hesitant to take a bite.

Snow White politely accepted the gift,
On the table she sat it gently,
“I will keep it to have a little later,
As right now I am not very hungry”

The Queen then leaves Snow White,
Chuckling as she goes,
The young girl will be dead by tomorrow,
This she surely knows.

The dwarves then returned home,
After working all day,
they all felt very peckish,
Dopey especially.

So when he spotted the apple,
He could not resist,
“no one will mind”
He said, licking his lips.

Taking a bite,
He began to feel sick,
“This apple is poisoned,
It was all a cruel trick!”

He collapsed to the ground,
Snow White ran over in despair,
“Oh no, it’s my fault,
Poor Dopey, it’s not fair!”

Taking him in her arms,
She gave him a kiss,
“Goodbye Dopey,
You will surely be missed!”

Then he awoke,
“oh my, you saved my life!”
Then he made a proposal,
“Snow White, will you be my wife?”

“Of course I will!” she replied,
Overcome by happiness and laughter,
So Snow White and Dopey were wed the next day,
And they all lived happily ever after!