Sikh Warriors

by Keirit Dosanjh

None of us had left our home country before
None of us knew we were going to war
(The boat, the boat
I’m going to be sick)

A country called France full of curious stares
Not used to brown skin and turbaned black hair
(Eyes forward, eyes forward
Don’t look)

We left towns behind for a desolate land
Only silence, or a white officer’s reprimand
(The silence, the waiting
I’m sick with it)

Army issue helmets we left in the mud
We had our turbans, our belief in God
(We unravel them
And litter stray bullets)

Bullets, screams, blood – inhumane battle
Hiding, waiting, penned in like cattle
The mud is deathly)

They somehow got us into this; we have to get us out
We’re fighting someone else’s war we know nothing about
(They invaded us
We have to fight for them)

We’re waiting for death, waiting for attack
But we know that there’s no use in thinking like that
(After the silence
The world explodes)

There are graves and monuments for those who lost their lives
There was no consolation for those who lost their minds
(Sleep like comas
Eternal night)