Side Effects

by Christiane Hitchcock

(Olanzapine: a choice I chose to not make, take from this what you will)

  • do not be worried about this.


  • it will cause more sleepiness
  • to help stop
  • (mainly used)
  • *addictive*
  • other conditions.
  • it may slow down your reactions.
  • it may make you feel more sleepy.
  • “short-acting”
  • – as soon as you remember,
  • whilst sitting or standing,
  • they will dissolve quickly.


  • what are the alternatives?
  • it may make you drowsy at first –
  • starting slower may help.


  • do something about it!
  • when the time comes,
  • (it could be for months or years,
  • this will depend)
  • the effect should build.
  • RARE but important –
  • it is unwise
  • (discuss this fully):
  • it should be much lower.


  • the small print,  
  • a gradual drop