Shall I compare thee

by Carole Bromley

No, I shall not for, in my clumsy verse,
I have no magic to preserve your youth.
Or mine. Although I guess I could do worse
than search for similes, to tell the truth
I don’t go much for ‘as’ and ‘like’. My rule
is keep it simple, tell it straight and plain
so here goes, though no doubt a kid in school
could better this if he had half a brain.

You are not like the weather unless it be
dark sky before a storm. You’re not like
the golden sun at all, it seems to me.
No, you’re that snow scene on a frozen lake
I cannot fathom. Nor can I forecast
when spring will come or how long it might last.

In response to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”