Search for My Voice

by Felicity Ann Alma

I had been searching for my voice,

checking each inch of my body

for its hidden noise. I pulled out

each of my eyes in turn and checked


their dull colours for a sight of it,

but it was not there. I turned my heart

inside out like a purse, but there was

no trace, no single note playing


as a clue. I searched each crystal breath

as it emerged, my eyes spinning

like sugar in my head. I could not find

my lost voice and I despaired.


It was as I sat, desolate, by your side

and listened to your sexist jokes

that I found it, foetal and quavering,

hiding on the end of my tongue.



I swallowed it whole in shock and felt it

grow within my throat, hammering

on the cage my teeth made, and

when I opened my mouth it roared.