S1E7- 48 Hours

by Jonah Corren

Peralta arrests a robbery suspect with insufficient evidence.

Peralta’s a loose cannon, but he sure doesn’t get
better results than anyone else by playing by the rules;
he’s a fast-talking, quick-thinking, crime-solving
machine, and he’ll be damned if any red tape
is gonna get in his way. The job? Putting away
bad guys, criminals, wrong-doers, you had your shot
at society and you blew it. No second chances,
everyone else manages okay – you’re no good
and you deserve to rot behind bars for the rest
of your days. Lock them all up and throw away
the key, let their lives pass them by, let their friends
forget their faces and, if they ever make it out, let it be
to a world they no longer recognise. That’s justice.
God only knows the world we’d live in without it.