Revenue Choir

by Dennis O’Driscoll

Let’s hear it for the Revenue Choir, always
in place for the Tuesday night rehearsals,
putting a brave face on their way of life
irrespective of the vagaries of compliance culture,
lending grace notes to their line of work
about which little good is ventured in their hearing.

Listen as – after a shaky start – they bond
together in one voice, forging a harmony that
brings rapport between the contralto from
Large Cases and the bass from Prosecutions,
striking a note the controlled deliveries expert
seconds, adding his full-throated support.

Give them a big hand, ladies and gentlemen,
whether at the Christmas concert, raising
the roof in aid of the homeless – who eke out
a life below poverty line, tax threshold –
or singing the praises of Handel and Bach
at the annual Mass for deceased staff.