Rain Born under a Leo Sign

by Duo Yu

Tonight a high north wind blows off my cumulonimbus clouds.
(Let it escort my love away.)
Wet fallen leaves scatter over the autumn earth.
(Let it nestle against my heart!)
The calmest heartbeat is the transient silence before a storm.
A knife piercing through life comes from a dove’s sad tears.
Against the backdrop of an unseen end, I’ve decided not to live on.
(Let him die! Let him die!)
The world of love is a deep breath that bares white bones.
Clear eyes rekindle life’s embers.
Epidermis in disarray: my rage dashes around in darkness.
(Let her live! Let her live!)
Thunder rolls in viscous solitude,
grave and earnest, like from some warning of fate.


Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain.